The Reducer Episode 10: Transfers Past & Present


In this episode we discuss both historical and current transfer dealings. From Jean Marc Bosman to Neymar, from Cantona to Vardy, Who are some of the best and worst transfers of all time. More importantly who are our clubs going to buy next?!

The Reducer Episode 9: Premier League Final Day


Myself and the two Dave's discuss our varying experiences and the outcome of Sunday's final Premier League weekend.

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The Reducer Episode 8: Premier League Run In


Given we are Leeds, Man City & Liverpool fans/supporters/observers we decided to dedicate the next few episodes to who will win what and will Leeds avoid the drop. 

Episode 7: Football Club Ownership


Howard and the two Dave's dive into the murky waters of Football Club ownership. 

The Reducer Episode 6: Top Ten C***s


Howard, Dave & David start the debate. As the title suggests this is our lists of our very own top ten cunts. It's that simple. Cunts. Ten each. Top to bottom. 

Episode 5: Betting


Howard, Dave & David join the debate on the murky world of advertising, sponsorship and encouraging gambling within sport. This leads to a wider concern for society in general and even strays into Football club ownership. Geordie football fans may find their love of one of the worlds most murderous regimes comes under scrutiny. 

Episode 4: Conspiracy Theories


Howard, Dave & David tackle the thorny topic of conspiracies in this episode. You will hear reasoned debate, research and outright contradiction as our three intrepid friends navigate the shark infested waters (if you believe in sharks, have you ever seen one?) of Covid, anti vaxxers and flat earth.  

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Episode 3: Euros & World Cup Misery


Howard and the two Dave's delve into tournaments past and present to find out just exactly how bad England have been over the years. 


Episode 2: Parenting, Conspiracies & Hate


In this episode our three hosts comedian Howard H Smith Filmmaker David Kline & Geezer Dave Rothnie wrestle with how tough, tough love should be, masks, misinformation, on line hate and offer very few solutions . 

Episode 1: Pundits


In this first episode we cover pundits. That DOES NOT mean just sporting pundits we are covering everyone, sport, politics and entertainment. Anyone who gives an opinion for a living is in the firing line.

We have no facts, just opinions. Shit..... we're pundit's!

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