The Reducer Episode 20: The Cloggers Eleven, Ronaldo & The Qatar World Cup


In this episode Howard, David & Dave breakdown our pre chosen Cloggers eleven, the guys who will be kicking the Fancy Dan's of Episode 19 up in the air. Then we seamlessly make our way into discussing the wrongs and wrongs of the Qatar World Cup all nicely rounded off with a dose of Ronaldo madness. 

The Reducer Episode 19: Fancy Dan’s


In this episode Howard, David & Dave figure out what a "Fancy Dan" is. Then we look at how that has been applied to football and footballers over the years. Then it is time to get stuck into constructing the Fancy Dan Eleven that we would take to a tournament to run rings around the journeymen and solid citizens.

The Reducer Episode 18: Solid Citizens


In this episode Howard, David & Dave try and figure out what a footballing "solid citizen" is. Once that's agreed then it's time to build the ultimate eleven of these dependable, reliable and hard working characters that every team relies on.

The Reducer Episode 17: Journeymen


In this episode Howard, David and Dave wrestle with what makes a journeyman a journeyman? Is it purely number of clubs they played for? Can you have a one club journeyman? And ultimately are all Geoff's journeymen or are all journeymen Geoff's?

With apologies to Nigel Spink, Tottenham goal scorer David Bentley & Sir Geoff Journeyman. 

The Reducer Episode 16: Every Premier League Clubs Transfer Window PT 2


Howard, Dave & David get stuck into part two of transfer business. The remainder of clubs are covered and we ask does anyone care about Southampton? Are West Ham just a poor man's Spurs? Finally we ask if Gianluca Scamacca was a hitman would he be able to cut it on a Tuesday evening in Burnley?

The Reducer Episode 15: Every Premier League Clubs Transfer Window PT 1


Returning after an extended summer break this week Howard, Dave & David get stuck into their clubs transfer business and all of your clubs too. Did the window slam shut? Did Man Utd really spend ANOTHER two hundred million? Did Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang enjoy his reunification with Thomas Tuchel? Have it! 

The Reducer Episode 14: Transfers So Far


As the title suggests we get stuck into our teams (Man City, Liverpool & Leeds) transfer business followed by other noteworthy moves across Europe and Gareth Bale's protracted switch to LA Fitness.

The Reducer Episode 13: Shithousing


In this episode we discuss the noble art be it players, fans or managers we recount our favourite examples and discover the true meaning of Shithousing.

The Reducer Episode 12: Trans People & Equality In Sport


Myself and the two Daves decide to tackle one of the most divisive issues in sport and society in general. Here's hoping we haven't said anything that gets us cancelled!

The Reducer Episode 11: Rule Changes & Transfers


In this episode Howard, David and Dave discuss current transfer dealings by their respective clubs Leeds, Liverpool & Man City. They also have a look over some of the rule changes that are being discussed and ask do we really need Kick-Ins instead of throw ins? 

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